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We’re all about equipping you with knowledge and marketing and communications skills. So we’re constantly adding worksheets that can help you build your marketing muscles and go forth and conquer the marketing space for your own business.

But we’re also realistic (yep we are no bullshit in every aspect of our business)

Marketing is a huge and complex space and if you find you’re still overwhelmed, you are NOT ALONE. We want you to succeed so we have a range of super duper marketing and communications workshops and courses that will help you build your customer base and increase your sales.

Blog Planning Calendar for SEO

Blog Planning Content Calendar for SEO

Blogs will enhance audience engagement and signal to search engines that your site is active, relevant, and valuable, thereby improving your organic rankings.

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Create your own Customer Avatar

Is your business wasting time and money on marketing efforts that are not delivering the results you want? Struggling to attract enough customers? The Spread…

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Naomi shares her knowledge and skills because she wants her passion for marketing to rub off on you – cos the truth is, no business can succeed without marketing.

Vulnerability in business

For me, vulnerability in business means asking questions I think I should know the answer to. It’s not easy exposing yourself (your perceived weaknesses), especially…

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What is online content

This blog will discuss all the aspects of online content. Content planning and the variety of social media platforms- link to another blog that details…

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Is your business eligible for the $10000 Adaption Grants?

Small Business COVID-19 Adaption Grant Program Hello, I’ve been speaking to clients who are confused about their eligibility. So I’ve copied this for your reference….

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You probably hate marketing, for so many of you it’s aaargh! But without it you are not going to sell your stuff. We want to…

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