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Say Goodbye to rubbish marketing and Hi, Hello, How you doin! to real results

Before you spend big bucks on marketing activities it’s so important to get your marketing strategy sorted!    

Know …

  • Who your customers are  
  • What makes your customers motivated to buy from you  
  • What your business goals are  
  • What your business does right (and where you need to shift or change or improve)  
  • If your pricing is right  
  • What message you need to share  
  • The best channels to reach your customers (is it your website, social media, networking, traditional media, signage etc etc etc)  
  • If your current marketing is working - is it helping or harming your brand??  
  • The strategies you can follow to reach your goals    

What can you expect working with Naomi

Jodi Allen

Owner and Founder, Trading Mate

Naomi opened up avenues of thought and gave directive advice from how she saw the business and its values from an outside perspective. Absolutely invaluable as it wasn’t something I’d thought of - and without that creative marketing background, could not have stumbled across on my own.

Thank you for giving my business the time and thought & sharing your expertise! There’s so much to learn about marketing, I highly recommend the STW service and implore all business owners to take the challenge and get the guidance to go forth in ways you’d never anticipated!


Authenticity, Integrity and Results

Naomi’s Winning Marketing Formula looks like this

  • Focused on your success
  • No bullshit – authentic
  • Ooozes integrity
  • Focuses marketing and promotional efforts (and client budgets) on desired outcomes
  • Deep knowledge of her trade – so can share complex marketing ideas in a simple and relatable way
  • Owned and led 3 successful small businesses

Some of our fabulous clients

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