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Learn how to market your business effectively, reach your ideal customer and turn browsers into buyers, through Spread the Word’s hands-on training

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Attention-grabbing content, no mess, no fuss! Spread the Word for professional, creative and clear copywriting services.

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Increase your business’s visibility and reach your ideal customers with your Spread the Word Marketing customised marketing plans

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Meet Naomi

Naomi is the No BS Marketer

For 30 years she’s been constantly honing her marketing skills to develop effective marketing strategies that grow businesses.

Ann Harth

What impressed me most about Naomi’s work was that she really listened. She is approachable, professional and a marketing mastermind.
I highly recommend Spread the Word Marketing to anyone wanting to build their business.

Ann Harth

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Blogs and Resources

Building Brand Loyalty in 2023: Innovative Strategies for Lasting Customer Relationships

In a world crowded with brands vying for consumers’ attention, building brand loyalty is more important than ever. As we navigate through 2023, businesses must…

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Unraveling Brands: How Spread the Word Builds Tailored Branding Strategies

Understanding a client’s needs and current brand is an intricate process, as important and delicate as peeling the layers of an onion. At Spread the…

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Hungry? Recipe of the Day

Your recipe for success… a tasty marketing mix. Marketing Mix Your recipe for success Prep time: is worth the effort Cooking time: varies according to…

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