Marketing Strategy

Increase your business’s visibility and reach your ideal customers with your Spread the Word Marketing customised marketing plans


Seriously, what do you even need a marketing strategy for?

After all, you just want more customers and to grow your business.

I get it. Marketing is so complex and confusing and often it’s just time and money wasting. Aaaargh. Why bother!?

There is a good reason to bother. And it is as simple as that first line – you just want to grow your business. You want success. And marketing, done well, and for your business and designed to reach your ideal customers – really, and truly, no bullshit – will grow your business.”


Why would you contact Spread the Word Marketing?

Because you do know that if you want to grow your business you need to understand your buyers AND effectively promote and sell your products and services.

You know you need to identify your target audience and develop marketing and promotional strategies that will reach them and resonate with them so that your ideal customers buy from you and NOT YOUR COMPETITORS.

You might have tried different marketing tactics and tools and you have probably been sold all sorts of shiny things and magic bullets, but you now realise marketing is a hugely complex space and you need help.

Sari Lorner, Founder, Cairns Children’s Museum

I first heard Naomi speak at a Trading Mate event, and when the time came to apply for a Business Basics Grant, I knew she was the one!

Naomi’s professionalism, varied skillset, and ability to make sense of my rambling make her a pleasure to work with!

She tells it like it is, and follows through on her word. Naomi has written our marketing plan, and now works in a consulting role to keep us on track, and assist in helping our organisation grow!

We are lucky to have Naomi on our side, and you would be too.


Help, where you need it

It could be you want support to build one or lots of parts of your marketing mix. You may need: social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, search engine optimisation support and implementation, help writing and delivering compelling messaging, building your brand, generating leads and conversions.

And marketers will do all the work of staying up to date with the latest marketing trends and best practices, how customer behaviour and buying habits are changing and what is important for your business to know.

Please don’t feel like you’ve failed if marketing has got the better of you.


Naomi, Spread the Word Marketing’s Founder, has spent 30 years, yes, her entire career, focused on continually honing her marketing skills and putting them into practise for her clients. And the world of marketing gets more complex all. the. time.

Your focus is your business and it’s a really great idea to allow a marketing expert to support your marketing efforts.

Get started

So if you want to learn about marketing and promotions and put your own marketing into practise, attend an online or face-to-face Marketing workshop or enrol in one of our build your marketing muscle courses.

If marketing really doesn’t excite you at all and you prefer to bring in experts, then you can confidently engage Spread the Word Marketing to provide the skills and knowledge your business needs to effectively promote and sell your products and services AND GROW YOUR BUSINESS.

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Leave the heavy lifting to Spread the Word Marketing and we’ll build your customised marketing plan to grow your business and reach your ideal customers or upskill yourself or your team with hands-on marketing workshops.