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Tips for writing your own Google Business Profile

Google Business Profiles (until recently known as Google My Business) are one of the myriad of ways your customers can find out more about your…

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What makes a great social media post?

It depends! Yeah, I know, don’t you hate that answer. If you’re running your won social media show and not engaging experts you want to…

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What is online content

This blog will discuss all the aspects of online content. Content planning and the variety of social media platforms- link to another blog that details…

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Is your business eligible for the $10000 Adaption Grants?

Small Business COVID-19 Adaption Grant Program Hello, I’ve been speaking to clients who are confused about their eligibility. So I’ve copied this for your reference….

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You probably hate marketing, for so many of you it’s aaargh! But without it you are not going to sell your stuff. We want to…

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