What makes a great social media post?

It depends!

Yeah, I know, don’t you hate that answer.

If you’re running your won social media show and not engaging experts you want to keep it as simple as you can. Let’s face it, you want to be focused on running your business not your social media campaigns.


When in doubt – go short, keep it simple.

Of course, I could go into advice about every variation, the different platforms, your target audiences, the purpose of your post, what you are trying to achieve.

But as well as you wanting to get back to looking after your customers, my daughter has just called and needs to be picked up from a watering hole (FNQ school holidays – bliss).

So let’s keep this blog simple too. For the majority of your facebook, instagram or TikTok posts, use the above rule. Short and to the point.

Oh and aim NOT to alienate your OWN target market. You can alienate others – outrage is great – but try not to piss off your people.

Written by Naomi Porter, Spread the Word, 2022