Me, me, me!

It’s everywhere – big business, little business, and all the businesses in between are guilty of this.

One of the most common mistakes we make when writing or presenting anything about our own business is to focus on me, me, me. Not me, Naomi – of course I mean – you! Your business, your strengths, your accomplishments, your rankings, your awards, your shiny new whatever.

We often think we have to TELL our clients all the good stuff about us. Look at me, look at me! I’m soooo good! Better than him and her and them. It’s all about me! But do we stop and think – does that matter to my customers?

It’s so easy to forget your customers just want you to focus on them, them, them!

Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be jumping up and down about your industry award or your latest products or services. But…

…Next time you are itching to tell the world your latest news or ranking or amazing product or how long you’ve been a successful business, or anything ‘me’ focused…

Take a moment and reframe it

  • How is this of interest to my customers?
  • What motivates my customers?
  • How does the info I am sharing about my business entice my customers to take action (buy, visit, recommend, review)?

Get to know what motivates your customers (clients, patients, da people who buy your stuff), and keep it in mind when you share information with them, them, them.

– Naomi Porter, Spread the Word