Sorry, not sorry!

Do you notice how many posts start with ‘Sorry for the following post.’ Or ‘Sorry, this is going to be a long post’. Or “Sorry, I’ve had a bad day.” Or ‘Sorry, if this post is not OK with admin, just delete’.

Sorry, sorry, Sorry.

I am no longer reading any posts that start with an apology. If you are sorry – simple – just don’t say it. Don’t make it so long. Don’t share it. If however, you are NOT sorry – own it, share it, make it as long as you like.

You deserve to write that post – no need to apologise. Everyone has the right to post on social media.

It’s true. Your post might be the longest, most boring and inappropriate post – but you’re posting, so are you really sorry?

Your voice, your message, your question – it’s just as valid as anyone else’s.

Just try this – next time you notice yourself apologising, delete it, and see if the message still makes sense without the ‘sorry’. You might just get a nice surprise and see that you didn’t need to add that sorry after all.

Sorry, not sorry!

By Naomi Porter