Vulnerability in business

For me, vulnerability in business means asking questions I think I should know the answer to. It’s not easy exposing yourself (your perceived weaknesses), especially when you position yourself as a leader or an expert in your field.

But the truth is, we are all learning, all the time. I had to learn to bite the bullet and …ask that question.

Every time I push myself out of my comfort zone and ask ‘that question’ I get better at being vulnerable.

And you know what? I might have looked like an idiot – might not have too. But if I didn’t allow myself to be vulnerable and ask the ‘dumb questions’, I’d still be searching online or making up an answer that wasn’t accurate or complete.

My success (and therefore my clients’ success) depends on me being vulnerable and seeking out answers to all sorts of things I need to learn.

As uncomfortable as it is to admit I don’t know everything, getting answers and building my skills, always, makes that discomfort worthwhile. Always.